How is the sizing of your clothing?

Most of our clothing is standard size, even a bit generous.  We've indicated where we think sizing is small with a note, such as "one size small/medium."

Where are your clothes made?

Our clothes are made in India and Italy.  A few items are made in China.

Can I wash the clothing I buy from your store or does it have to be dry-cleaned?

Most of our clothing is machine washable.  For some items, especially for fabrics such as rayon and viscose, we recommend hand washing.  None of our current clothing needs dry-cleaning.  The product description will indicate what kind of washing we recommend.

Where is your jewellery from?

Most of our jewellery is hand-picked by Katie in Taxco, Mexico.  She buys from the designers and manufacturers there, and some pieces are custom-designed by her.  Some jewellery we source from other importers in Canada, who buy it in India, Afghanistan, Thailand and Indonesia.

Is your silver jewellery .925 sterling?

Yes.  That means that 92.5% of the metal is silver, and 7.5% is some other metal, such as copper or nickel.  Silversmiths don't use 100% silver because it is too soft.  Some use .950 sterling, which has more silver in it than .925.

Do you do jewellery repairs?

Yes, we repair both sterling silver and fashion jewellery.   We can also make custom orders.

Can I make an appointment to shop in the store outside store hours?

Yes, email us at casa.lena@hotmail.com to set up an appointment.